It's June 1st. I'm supposed to start rewriting, today. I gave myself a couple of weeks to read through my draft and make notes and edits and sit with the work, convinced that I'd have a clear map and a new understanding of where this book was going. I've had moments and flashes of terrific … Continue reading Juggling


How to Avoid Your Book (or...how to deal with paralyzing fear and get your writing done anyways) All right, so I've felt a little stalled this week. The book is coming along, but the writing is slow. I've done everything else instead: I've talked about my book shared part of it with two friends researched … Continue reading Progress


I'm always super-curious about how other writers actually write, and how their brains work. While I was struggling to get started with my book, it's how I distracted myself - looking up writers' habits and tips. Unlike my many other forms of random time-wasting, seeking out this information actually inspired me. It helped me get … Continue reading Breadcrumbs