Need Help?

Not sure if you need a writing coach, a beta-reader, or an editor?

Are you looking for gentle, meaningful feedback about your work-in-progress?

I don’t have a coaching program, and I’m not a licensed therapist or even a trained editor – but I am a writer, a librarian, an intuitive empath, and a perpetual creative.

So, I haven’t found the perfect term for what I do, but I think of myself as being a “Writer’s Helper”. I offer all of these things – coaching, beta-reading, editing, and support – for my writer friends. I have a knack for honest advice, and a keen eye. I tend to think in symbols, energy, and patterns, and my goal is always to serve the story and to support the writer.

I don’t have hundreds of satisfied clients, but I do have a few, so my rates are generally reasonable and depend on my availability and the scope of your needs and timeline. If you’d like me to take a look at your work, shoot me an email with details, and let me know what you think you might need.

On a limited basis, I’ll talk on the phone. My current rate is $75 for a one-hour conversation about your writing. Or about anything at all, actually. I’m not a therapist, but I do understand the writing life, and sometimes it can really help to talk to someone about the things you can’t talk about at a writer’s group, or with your therapist, or with your spouse. Sometimes, only another writer will do.

If any of this resonates with you, and if you’d like to talk about your writing, reach out to me with some details:

Happy Writing!