Need Help?

Are you looking for gentle, meaningful feedback about your work-in-progress?

Not sure if you need a writing coach, a beta-reader, or an editor? Maybe a bit of everything?

I haven’t found the perfect term for what I do, but I think of myself as being a “Writer’s Helper”. I offer all of these things – coaching, beta-reading, editing, and support – for my writer friends. Just like with my own writing, I approach this work intuitively, so I tend to think in symbols, energy, and patterns.

I’m not good with traditional writing advice that says a writer must write every day, or so many words, to be productive. That may be true of some writers, but my best work happens when we throw traditional advice out the window. The goal is to connect the writer with their own intuition, and to trust it. Intuition is the magic key that unlocks the writer’s brain, and it can help to have support through that process. No deadlines, no expecatations from me. My goal is to serve the story and to offer the writer a non-judgemental forum to work out some of the kinks.

If you –

  • Are a new writer, working on your first book, and need help moving forward.
  • Are working on a memoir, or other personal narrative, and aren’t sure how to tackle the hard, painful bits.
  • Find yourself generally stuck or not sure how to proceed with your writing, and are driving yourself a bit bonkers.
  • Have a solid first draft and need a gentle reader to help get it to the second draft.
  • Are having problems with transitions, flow, structure, or dialog.
  • Have what you think is a final draft and want feedback and suggestions.
  • Generally don’t enjoy writing groups and would prefer to work one-on-one in a casual, caring, way.

…then I might be the person you’ve been looking for.

Things I won’t do:

  • Copy or line editing. You’ll want to hire someone else for that.
  • Hold you to any kind of productivity standard or expectation. Your word count and timeline are up to you.
  • Make you sign a contract or a package deal for my services.

I do most of my work via email, however, on a limited basis, I’ll talk on the phone. I am currently doing single sessions with writers, booked as needed. This is a one-hour conversation about your writing. Or about anything at all, actually. I do understand the writing life, and sometimes it can really help to talk to someone about the things you can’t talk about at a writer’s group, or with your therapist, or with your spouse.

Sometimes, only another writer will do.

If any of this resonates with you, and if you’d like to talk about your writing and how we might work together, reach out to me with some details:

Happy Writing!

Current Rates:

  • One-hour phone call: $85
  • Beta-read with light edits and suggestions: $160 up to 100k words
  • Hard editing in collaboration with writer: This takes some time and effort: $600 up to 100k words.

I use PayPal for easy billing and payments.