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The Magic Key: Unlock Your Memoir.

An Intuitive Guide for New Writers.

Book Review. Christopher Long, Ink19 Magazine

Back in the fall of 2019, I met a beautiful new book from an amazing first-time author. Truth be told, ADVENTURES OF A METALHEAD LIBRARIAN: A Rock N’ Roll Memoir by Anna-Marie O’Brien affected me in a magical way, both as a reader and a writer — kinda like a songwriter discovering Abbey Road.

After trolling O’Brien online, I discovered her successful writing coach side-hustle. So, I reached out, and in short order, O’Brien was working with me — helping to unlock a memoir project I was struggling with at the time — a TOTAL (personal and professional) game-changing experience, to be sure.

As a result, when I heard about THE MAGIC KEY: Unlock Your Memoir, I had to check it out. And of course, O’Brien does NOT disappoint. At just 20,000 words, it’s a quick, yet compelling read — one oozing with insights, encouragement, advice and LOTS of love.

What makes Magic Key so special, is that unlike many other writers who might tackle this type of title, O’Brien is NOT the “Miss Smarty Pants” in the front row talking down to the rest of the class. She’s the cool kid who’s sharp enough to sit up front, but not until she gathers all of her friends hanging out back by the pencil sharpener.

Whether you’re an aspiring writer seeking qualified guidance from the get-go, or an experienced author who’s still open to receiving a valuable tip or two, this one is a magical MUST.  — Christopher Long,

Adventures of a Metalhead Librarian

A Rock n’ Roll Memoir.


In 1990, Anna-Marie left her disappointing Midwestern childhood behind and moved to Los Angeles at the age of 18 to pursue her heavy metal dreams on the Sunset Strip. Bands like Mötley Crüe, Megadeth, and Guns N’ Roses were at the height of their popularity, and she landed right in the middle of the heavy-metal music scene. Welcomed by sunshine and possibilities, her California adventure began the very first day she arrived in magical Laurel Canyon. Soon, she was working in the music industry, and then for Metal Blade Records. Working with her favorite bands and witnessing music history was a dream come true. But – things were not all as they seemed. Grunge music had arrived from Seattle, and it was taking over the metal scene. Los Angeles turned into a dark force, forcing her to make tough choices in order to survive. This is a story of big magic, following your heart, and starting over. Anna-Marie is a real-life librarian, and a lifelong fan of heavy metal and rock music. This is Adventures of a Metalhead Librarian.