About my book

Adventures of a Metalhead Librarian: A Rock n’ Roll Memoir

“A rebellious and anxious Ohio girl moves to Los Angeles to live out her heavy-metal dreams on the Sunset Strip, only to find out she doesn’t have the heart for it after all.”

This is a book about sex, some drugs (mostly pot) and rock n’ roll. About Los Angeles in 1990, the metal scene, and working at Metal Blade Records. Rock stars. Heavy metal. Big concerts. Grunge. Fun.

This is also a book about magic, resilience, and survival. It’s a book about taking chances. About hard choices and following your heart. It’s a book about hope, failure, and rebirth. It’s a book about missing my dad and how it affected my relationship with men. It’s a book about a really special time and place for us metalheads. And, it’s a book about growing up, starting over, and finding my way in the world.

I think I succeeded, mostly.

I am currently seeking agent representation for my manuscript.

Adventures of a Metalhead Librarian is complete at 98k words.