Need Help?

Are you blocked or stuck in your writing? Do you hate schlepping around town trying to find a decent writing group? Do you hate writing groups? Are you introverted, anxious, or sensitive?

As a librarian, I’ve worked with local writers for years, helping with research, finding resources, acting as a beta-reader, and sometimes, just listening to writers talk about their projects. Librarians know books. Librarians know writers. I am surrounded by tens of thousands of books that may have seemed impossible to write at one point, and yet, there they are. I know it’s possible for you to write your book, because I’ve written a book. I know how hard it is, especially for us introverts. It can be a lonely road if you don’t have someone to talk to who understands the journey.

If you’d like to talk to me about your writing project and where you feel stuck or in need of more information or encouragement, shoot me an email with some details of your project and/or the issues you are having:

I’ll answer you back with love and honesty, no obligation.

If you’d like to chat on the phone, my rate is $60 for a one hour call.

I will also recommend my own writing coach, Lauren Sapala. I’ve worked with her for many years, and her insights and methods are outstanding.

You can find her here: