My NEXT book

“The Heart of a Librarian”

As an empath and student of energy, I felt called to librarianship, almost like a priest is called to the clergy. There is a spiritual transaction that happens when we show up to serve our communities.

However, librarianship has changed since I began. It started out as books, information, literacy, and people. But, it has turned into event planning, political agendas, data points, and endless grant-chasing that erodes our core services.

This is a book about coming to terms with it all. It’s memoir of a fun, challenging, and bewildering career. It’s also a memoir of the dark side of librarianship – how bad managers, bad policy, and outright bullying led to the death of a beloved work colleague. A year after his death, I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 44.

What does it mean to be a librarian these days? I think this book goes straight to the heart of it.

“The Heart of a Librarian”