About Me

I love a good story and a good riff.

I grew up in Ohio as a big fan of books and music. In 1990, I moved to Los Angeles at the age of 18 to pursue my heavy metal dreams on the Sunset Strip. I had quite an adventure, and I wrote a book about it. It’s called Adventures of a Metalhead Librarian. 

I worked as a public librarian for almost 20 years, and during the last few years of it, I started coaching writers. I love to help people with their writing – beta-reading, editing, moral support, whatever. My goal is to help writers get their stories out into the world. The more books the better!

In addition to writing and coaching, I have an affinity for the supernatural, alternative history, astrology and tarot, and I love all things medieval. I’m a little OCD+ADD+ESP with a good dash of rebelliousness thrown in.

All fueled by coffee and rock n’ roll.

I have an undergraduate degree in medieval history from Arizona State University, and a masters degree from UCLA in library & information science. I’m currently working on my third book.

I live in Phoenix with my husband and children.

AMO 1988
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