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Writing a memoir is one of the most intense, transformative, and gratifying experiences a person can go through.

It can also be exceptionally difficult, especially if you’re a new writer, a trauma survivor, or are neurodiverse in an ADD, OCD or HSP way. 

I know, because I’ve lived it, and I am those things.

I struggled for decades with my story and was on the brink of despair when I found a writing coach. I worked with her for five years while managing a full-time job and raising two small children. 

But I finally finished and published my memoir, and it was a life-changing experience in SO many ways. And I could not have done it without long-term support.

Because of that book and all the great things that happened, I left my career as a librarian, began writing full time, and started helping other writers with their memoirs. 


Common Issues for memoir writers: 

  • Fear of what people will think.

  • How to actually write the story, and where to start.

  • What about being accurate – how do I remember everything?

  • How to find a writing routine that works.

  • How to find flow and make progress.

  • How do I edit this monster of a first draft?

  • How to tell people you’re writing about them, or talk to people about past events.

  • How deal with creative blocks. 


In addition to the practical side of writing a memoir, there are energetic aspects to the process as well, such as:

  • How to write intuitively.

  • Lucid dreaming.

  • Asking the Universe, or the use of prayer.

  • How to manage your energy and write the tough parts.

  • Your body holds memories and how to release them.

  • Using tarot/astrology/magic/symbols.

  • Music and memory.

  • Biohacking such as nutrition, supplements, etc. 

I’ve learned a few things from my own experience writing memoir, and from my coaching clients over the years:

  • Writing a memoir takes time. It’s supposed to take time. It’s an opportunity for deep healing and introspection. You can’t and shouldn’t rush the process
  • In addition to the actual mechanics of writing a memoir, there are energetic aspects to it as well. Writing a memoir will engage your deepest intuition and trigger amazing synchronicities.

  • There is nothing linear about writing a memoir. Things show up when they are meant to show up. You will often work in spirals, revisiting and rewriting as all the pieces fall into place.

  • Writing a memoir can be lonely and a little bewildering. Writing groups just for memoirists are hard to find. It has to be a trusted, non-judgemental space where our deepest vulnerabilities are supported.

  • Not everyone can afford the long-term support they need.

I’ve created the Write Your Memoir community specifically for these reasons. 

Here’s how Write Your Memoir works:

  • It’s a monthly subscription via Substack. 

  • You’ll get a newsletter every month full of inspiration, advice, and memoir resources.

  • You’ll have access to a monthly memoir-writing workshop via Zoom. I teach for 30 minutes or so and leave time for discussion or Q & A.

  • Each month will cover a different topic, or I will cover a topic on the fly if requested by the community. CLICK HERE for the tentative schedule. 

  • If you can’t attend the live workshop session, they will be recorded and you’ll have access to the archive for as long as you subscribe.

  • You’ll enjoy a monthly open “office hours” with me directly – 15 minute check-ins and/or a mini-coaching session.

  • I’ll offer a monthly  “silent writing hour”. We meet over Zoom, I open the space with a brief guided meditation, and we write silently, together, for one hour. 

  • This program is perfect for introverted and highly-sensitive people and your level of participation is completely up to you and your comfort level. 

  • You don’t have to be on camera or turn in assignments. 

  • As a subscriber, you will enjoy 50% off my fees if you feel you need private coaching sessions. (currently set at $120/hour – your discount = $60/hour).

  • I respond to every email from you personally and promptly.

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