How to Avoid Your Book

(or…how to deal with paralyzing fear and get your writing done anyways)

All right, so I’ve felt a little stalled this week. The book is coming along, but the writing is slow.

I’ve done everything else instead:
  • I’ve talked about my book
  • shared part of it with two friends
  • researched on it, found an article I needed
  • got the name of a good agent that represents books like mine from a published author
  • made a list of next-steps and to-do’s for the draft
  • planned how to do a good structural edit that will hook the reader and keep the story flowing
  • dreamed about it – said hello in a dream to someone I need to contact for research, someone I hadn’t thought of before.
  • jotted details on random note cards for the draft
  • jotted details on a fiction story that has been bugging me to be written
  • cleaned my desk and got my self reorganized
  • I did the spice cabinet, too. And the pantry. And my sock drawer.
  • wrote a blog post
  • posted on Instagram about my book
  • reviewed my early notes and brainstorm sessions – am I missing anything? Why do I have all these colored Post-it notes in random patterns in my notebook? Oh, yeah.
  • I started thinking about my book proposal.
  • And now I have a list of action items and next steps for that, too.


And I wrote about 2k words total this week. Not much. Not enough. But it was some.

Plus all that.


I’m calling it progress.

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