Blog Confessions

When Blogging first became a “thing” 10+ years ago, I decided I was going to blog with abandon and people would discover my writing and I’d gain a massive following and make a lot of money, somehow. Books were dead, all the experts said. Blogging was the future.

Except, I didn’t know what to blog about. I spent countless hours looking for ideas. Write what you know, they say. So, I tried writing about being a librarian. About being a new mom. About keeping house. About music. I spent countless more hours customizing blog templates, looking for a perfect design that would inspire me to write.

I studied how to blog. How to monetize a blog. How to create and organize all the content. How to get sponsors and guest posters and ad revenue and yada yada yada.  And you know what, it all seemed like a ridiculous amount of work and pressure just to be a blogger.  Especially since I couldn’t stick with any one idea. My writing felt flat and preachy and inauthentic.

All in all, I’ve started, and abandoned, 40 blogs.

That’s right. 40. I logged in to my various accounts and counted them up.

40 different blogs in various states of construction. Some have a dozen posts, most have one or two. All evidence that maybe I’m not meant to be a “blogger”.  I’m not opposed to blogging, but I feel like I’ve bashed my head on that brick wall for too long, already.

The truth is, I’ve always wanted to write books. Big juicy books full of truth and story. So I started writing the book that I’ve been wanting to write for 20 years. And I’ve got a few more in the pipeline, waiting their turn.

Writing a book is a long process. But, I’ve found a deep, deep satisfaction, knowing that I’m finally writing what I’m supposed to be writing.

I’m a couple of years into writing my first book, and I’ve learned a few things. Things that might make it easier for someone else to get started writing their own book.  And so, I’ve started writing those things down as blog posts for my website.

I’m not going to stress over any of it. I want to connect with people, and I’m going to post as I am able. My main focus is to write my book. And, I want to share what I know about doing it.

I think I’ve found my sweet spot.

Welcome to my 41st blog.

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